It’s easy to group The Six Nations Wine Challenge in the general “Wine Show” classification – and whilst we conform to the standard tried and tested methodologies of (1) Absolute blind tasting, (2) Recognition of winners via Trophy, Double Gold & Gold medals & (3) A Trophy Awards Dinner,  The Six Nations Wine Challenge is more than a conventional wine show. Indeed, according to Bob Campbell – New Zealand Master of Wine,  “Because the wines are all selected by each of the judges the standard of wine quality must surely be higher than any competition of this size in the world”.

The Key reasons and associated benefits of participation are listed below to help clarify any questions you may have. Once you have read through these, please read on for an insight into the intricacies and unique attributes of this amazing Wine Challenge.

The Benefits in Summary


All medal winning wines receive a certificate of participation listing the wines particular class and award. Trophy Winning Wines are awarded Trophies at the Prestigious Awards Dinner held in October in Sydney, attended by Ambassadors, Consuls General and High Commissioners as well as other influential wine personalities and wine lovers. These tokens of participation are very highly regarded and can be displayed in tasting rooms and at winery events.

Uniquely designed Six Nations Bottle stickers are also available to all Trophy, Double Gold & Gold medal winners, as well as Wine of Show winners.

Key Six Nations Statistics

Founded in 2003, Started as Tri-Nations. Became Five Nations 2011
Number of Entries – 600 Participants (100 per Country)
Number of Classes Judged – 16
Percentage of Wines entered that are awarded medals – 29%
Number of Trophy Medals (Class Winner) awarded in total – 16, less than 3%
Number of 2nd place Double Gold Medals awarded in total – 16, less than 3%
Average percentage of Double Gold Medals awarded in total – Approx 8%
Average percentage of Gold Medals awarded in total – Approx 19%