It’s easy to group The Six Nations Wine Challenge in the general “Wine Show” classification – and whilst we conform to the standard tried and tested methodologies of (1) Absolute blind tasting, (2) Recognition of winners via Trophy, Double Gold & Gold medals & (3) A Trophy Awards Dinner,  The Six Nations Wine Challenge is more than a conventional wine show. Indeed, according to Bob Campbell – New Zealand Master of Wine,  “Because the wines are all selected by each of the judges the standard of wine quality must surely be higher than any competition of this size in the world”.

The Key reasons and associated benefits of participation are listed below to help clarify any questions you may have.

Michael Fridjhon, Chairman of Judges 2018 and South African Judge summed things up beautifully by saying, “There is no wine competition quite like the Six Nations. All trophy and medal-winning wines are virtually self-endorsing. The producers who find themselves going home empty handed can console themselves with the knowledge that it is almost sufficient simply to have competed in the Olympics. An award is gratifying, the achievement is simply to have been there.” 

All Trophy, Runner Up, Double Gold & Gold Medal winning wines are:

  • listed on the Six Nations website and social / partner social networks with their image and link to their website.

  • Initial Press Releases together with a full set of the results of the Six Nations Wine Challenge are sent and promoted to approx. 4500 domestic and international trade and consumer media partners (Wine writers, bloggers, critics, lifestyle editors). This includes non-participating nations with specific focus on media and wine critics in Hong Kong, China, Japan, Singapore & the UK.

  • An annual Six Nations Wine Challenge Awards publication featuring all participating wines & wine companies together with Trophy winner bottle shots is published in both hard copy (4000 copies) and digital for distribution to trade and consumers.

  • High Resolution studio video productions of Class Winners, Red Wine, White Wine and Wine of Show wines are filmed, distributed and made available for winners to use.

Thirty Bench 酒厂酿酒师混酿2016 – 加拿大

Future plans already in motion:

  • With a strong focus on the developing Asian market, we are building a Mandarin version of the key points around the Six Nations Wine Challenge (see Chinese flag in the top menu bar above). All Trophy Winning wines results and Judges comments are translated into Mandarin for distribution into our Asian Media partners circles. We are also working to expand this translation work to include Double Gold and Gold medal wines.

  • Through a strategic partnership, plans are in place to commence the production of:

    • long & short format tasting & review video recordings of as many participants wines as possible – in both English and Mandarin around a variety of themes

    • Podcasts in Mandarin of the video’s produced.

    • Blog and articles in Mandarin from the videos produced.

  • To complement this project, we are in the process of setting up the appropriate WEIBO & WeChat social networks to distribute this content into the Asian markets.

Promotional of the competition, participants & Trophy winners happens at 3 levels, namely:

  • Trade – Sommeliers, importers, retailers, buyers etc through involvement in and invites to attend the judging in a professional capacity behind the scenes. This is followed up by embargoed results releases and ultimately widespread release of results.

  • Consumers – through our hugely successful and popular ‘Thinkers & Drinkers’ events. These are complemented with smaller master class styled events throughout the year.

  • Dinners – Our annual Black Tie Trophy Wine Dinner is a highlight of the wine calendar and sees industry personalities, importers, distributors, wine writers, invited consumers as well as Consuls General, Trade Ambassadors and Government officials attending.

Future expansion plans include additional trophy dinners to be held in various wine capitals. Short term planning is to have a Trophy dinner in Cape Town (2019), followed by Trophy Dinners in Auckland & Hong Kong (2020) and Los Angeles (2021).

Marketing tools that we provide to assist you:

  • All participants receive full access to all digital assets, including bottle imagery.

  • Trophy stickers are available for purchase at every medal designation.

  • Class Winners, Red Wine, White Wine and Wine of Show wines are put through professional video production creating presentations that are made available for distribution at no cost.

  • Every participating wine is issued a high resolution certificate of participation.

  • A media kit for for digital promotion channels is available upon request.

  • Eye-catching Trophies are issued to all Trophy Winners

Communication campaigns
Our Digital marketing partners and press team promotes the challenge and showcases award winners and participants all year round. They develop high-impact, targeted communications in a range of markets allowing the spotlight to be turned on award-winning wines. Our Judges respective networks are also utilised to promote and market the Challenge.

A sales tool
Involvement and success in the Six Nations continues to open up new export opportunities through trade exposure.

Reliable buying cue
A Six Nations Wine Challenge medal provides exposure for the producer and given the unique nature of this challenge as an international bench marker of excellence provides a very strong & reliable buying cue for the consumer.

Sales increase
Six Nations Medals have an impact on sales & distribution, especially within the original established participant nations (Australia, New Zealand & South Africa), and increasingly in the recently expanded nations (Canada) by up to 20 % according to retailers.

We take care of your wines

The Six Nations Wine Challenge has partnered with professional logistics hubs in each nation. We only work with companies and people that understand the importance of handling your wine correctly.

All stock is airfreighted to minimise transportation time, and stock is generally setup with pre-customs clearance to avoid delays at airports. Stock is then transferred into our climate controlled wine storage facility where it is sorted.

Final handling and checking occurs in the setup days prior to judging by a team of seasoned professionals, who inspect every element of every entry to ensure the utmost accuracy of our data. This team is lead by leading Sommeliers from the Hilton hotel group.

We strictly control the number of medals issued thereby maintaining integrity on the value of an accolade:

  • Founded in 2003, Started as Tri-Nations. Became Five Nations 2011, Six Nations in 2013
    Number of Entries – 600 Participants (100 per Country)
    Number of Classes Judged – 16
    Percentage of Wines entered that are awarded medals – 29%
    Number of Trophy Medals (Class Winner) awarded in total – 16, less than 3%
    Number of 2nd place Double Gold Medals awarded in total – 16, less than 3%
    Average percentage of Double Gold Medals awarded in total – Approx 8%
    Average percentage of Gold Medals awarded in total – Approx 19%
Sacred Hill Riflemans Chardonnay 2016


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