Maycas del Limari San Julian Pinot Noir 2015 – Chile







Maycas del Limarí is a boutique winery focused on producing premium quality wines originating in the Limarí Valley.

Taking advantage of the unique characteristics of this valley, the winery has shown its potential producing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, distinctive varieties from Burgundy.

Marcelo Papa wanted to embark on an innovative and high-quality project. He began touring and exploring various valleys in Chile, until he found Limarí Valley, a place with exceptional characteristics, ideal for what he was looking for.

The brightness, the morning camanchaca, the cool breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean and the calcareous-based soils, rich in red clay, allowed Marcelo to create the project he named “Magic Valley”.

Noticing the qualities of the Limarí Valley, Marcelo discovered there was immense potential for the classic Burgundy grape varieties, resulting in wines of consistent quality, representative of their origin. The attraction of region and the Incas’ terrace cultivation system would give a distinctive character to Maycas del Limarí.

Inca Influence

The Inca Empire extended over 5,000 km. from Cusco, in Peru, to the South along the Andes. Limarí Valley belonged to what they called the “Southern Kingdom” and had great importance due to the extraction of minerals such as copper, gold and semi-precious stones (especially turquoise, considered the royal stone).

The influence of this civilization is still visible in the Limarí Valley. The river stone buildings, typical of the Inca architecture, can be found within the valley.

Maycas means “arable lands” in Quechua –the Incas’ language-, and together with the concept of Inti -or “the sun”- were the pillars of this culture. To determine agricultural cycles, the Incas created their famous solar calendar, which has transcended until today.

The labels of Maycas del Limarí’s different wine lines pays tribute to this mighty civilization.

Maycas del Limarí’s iconic Pinot Noir is made with grapes from the San Julián vineyard, located on the south bank of the Limarí River. This area has a dry climate influenced by the cool sea breezes, which moderates temperatures and allows a slow ripening of the grapes. The alluvial soil and semi-arid climate with marine influence give this wine a remarkable freshness.