J.Christopher Sandra Adele Apassionata Vineyard Pinot Noir 2015 – USA

Judges Comments

“Cherries and liqueur. Lovely simple assertive red fruit.like Martinborough. Delicious.” – Patrick Comiskey, American Judge

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J. Christopher Wines


Oregon – Willamette Valley


Runner Up Double Gold


Pinot Noir



About the wines of J.Christopher:

At J. Christopher, we produce handcrafted wines sourced from some of the best vineyards in Oregon’s Northern Willamette Valley. We follow biodynamic principles and specialize in Pinot Noir made using the traditional methods of Burgundy. We are one of the few wineries in Oregon to produce Sauvignon Blanc, modeled after the great wines of Sancerre.

Our philosophy is to produce wines in an Old World style that emphasizes focus, length, and balance. As winemaker Jay Somers puts it, “We do not make fruit bombs. We want wines that have a fine balance of fruit, acidity and texture. We want wines that give you more than just a big mid-palate blast — wines that are complete.”

The key to this, Jay firmly believes, is patient winemaking — it is vital not to rush things and allow the wines to develop naturally. For example, we would never use cultured yeasts to induce malolactic fermentation in our Pinot Noir. This is a New World technique done to facilitate earlier bottling, but we feel it is damaging to the wine’s texture and balance. We want the wines to evolve at their own pace, with a minimum of intervention.