Pinot Noir Class Winners 2018

The results of the Six Nations Wine Challenge were released a few weeks ago, and now after the dust has settled, its well worth a closer look at the gems that were unearthed. We will be posting a regular guide covering all 16 classes on the Six Nations blog – so stay tuned, please get involved & help us spread the word.

Pinot Noir in perspective…. what the results show us:

The Pinot Noir category  – a hotly contested one, yielded 1 Trophy (Winner), 1 Runner Up Double Gold, 6 Double Gold Medals & 10 Gold Medals.

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Trophy Winner:

Runner Up Double Gold Medal:

Double Gold Medals:

Gold Medals:


  • The Oregon region of North America picked up 4 of the 18 medals awarded, and 4 out of 6 for the USA. The USA picked up a third of all medals awarded in the pinot noir category.
  • New Zealand picked up a total of 4 medals out of 18 awarded, 2 of these from the Central Otago region. One of the most consistently awarded wines in Six Nations history, Akarua, once again picked up the top award.
  • Australia picked up a total of 4 medals out of 18 awarded. Of these 4 medals, Tasmanian Pinot picked up 3 and Mornington peninsula picked up the last medal.
  • South Africa picked up a total of 2 medals, with both wines coming from the cool climate maritime influenced Hemel-en-Aarde valley.
  • Canada and Chile both picked up a medal each with both wines coming from cool growing regions


These results clearly show a trend towards cool climate pinot noir of elegance & finesse being judged and awarded as the benchmark across all participating nations. Furthermore, certain regions are crafting high quality world class wines on a consistent basis – Oregon in the USA, Central Otago & Marlborough in New Zealand, Tasmania in Australia & Hemel-en-Aarde valley in South Africa.

A look back at 2017 revealed the following:

  • 20 Medals awarded in total; Australia awarded 5; New Zealand awarded 6; South Africa awarded 2; USA awarded 6; Canada awarded 1
  • Lingua Franca (Oregon), Villa Maria (New Zealand), Akarua (New Zealand), Craggy Range (New Zealand), Newton Johnson (South Africa) all picked up medals – a repeat performance.
  • Tasmania (3), Mornington Peninsula (2), Oregon (3), California (3), Marlborough (3) & Central Otago (2) once again accounted for 80% of pinot noir medals

I am often asked what my favourite wine is – and whilst i generally view this as a ‘horses for courses’ type question, I inveriably defer back to pinot noir. At least by writing this article i have helped clarify my own thoughts on this magical, mystical grape variety. Its a pretty safe bet to focus on pinot produced in these regions as a 1st port of call when looking at a wine list or bottleshop shelf –  and if your pocket allows it – a reputable producer within these regions should see you smiling all the way to the last drop.




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