• The World’s Most Wanted Wines

    When it comes to wine, sometimes France ruins everything. Well, maybe that’s a little unfair; sometimes Bordeaux ruins everything. The famous region has certainly ruined any chance of being able to come with new and exciting entries on the list of Wine-Searcher’s most searched-for wines. Time was there would be a bolter, a runaway wine (or even spirit) that
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  • The History of Chinese Winegrowing and Winemaking

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  • Japanese Wine

    Alcohol consumption has been part of Japanese culture since its early history. Rice wines (sake), beer and spirits have evolved significantly since their humble beginnings, and so has their place in culture. Some have proprietary meaning, used to accompany specific foods over the course of a meal either to match flavors or aid in digestion.
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  • Japanese Wine Regions

    Like many Chinese vine growers, Japan’s wine producers have to cope with summer monsoons. In some cases bunches may even be individually protected from the rain, such is the level of care taken to produce Japan’s most prestigious bottles. The wine industry of Japan has a long history and vines are grown, to a limited
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  • Brazil- An Emerging Wine Region

    Unlike its neighbors Chile and Argentina, Brazil had a bit of a rough start when it came to wine production. Its size, terrain, and climate made it difficult for wine grapes to grow properly; only the southern regions of the country had the cool climate for the grapes to flourish. Wine logistics were also a
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