Our Award & Medal Structure explained

Our Medals and what they mean

The 2017 Challenge saw the introduction of New Look Medals for the top wines of the Challenge. The hierarchy of achievement is as follows:

Trophy Winning Wine – this is the top wine in its class, the outright winner of the class. There are 16 Classes in the Six Nations Wine Challenge, therefore there are 16 Trophy Winners out of the 600 wines invited to participate.

Runner Up Double Gold Medal – this is the wine that just missed out, second in the class. 16 wines out of the 600 wines invited are awarded Runner Up Double Gold medals.


Double Gold Medal – this is the next tier of achievement / award. Approximately 10% of a class is awarded a Double Gold Medal, We strongly believe in protecting the value of the currency in a medal. Following the collation of points after the judging of each class, the 6 International Judges discuss the class and the results extensively – this includes the worthiness of a wine to be awarded a medal. The Judges have the ultimate authority to allocate additional medals, elevate wines to higher medals or demote / remove wines from a medal status, based on the quality of the class in general.

Gold Medal – This is the final tier of achievement. Approximately 20% of a class is awarded a Gold Medal. The same criteria as mentioned above apply – as per Judges discretion.

Selected Participant Medal – the 2017 season & 15th Anniversary of the Challenge saw the introduction of the ‘Selected Participant’ award. All wines invited to participate are eligible to use this medal on their bottles, web copy and marketing material. It is an accolade to be selected to participate, and it should be remembered that we have the very best wines from the Six Nations – there are no Silver or Bronze medal status wines in the Six Nations Wine Challenge – we are awarding the very best of the best, the cream of the crop. As a result, we often end up not-recognising amazing wines that would have normally achieved top status in their domestic competitions & other international events.


Top Wines of the Show:

After our 16 Trophy Wines have been selected and awarded over the three days of judging and assessment, all 16 class winners are once again lined up, re-poured and re-assessed. Whites are grouped together and ranked to determine White Wine of Show; Reds are treated the same to determine Red Wine of Show. The White wine and Red wine of show are determined accordingly and awarded their medals.



Wine of Show and Winner of the Challenge:

Wine of Show is then selected by the Judges from the White Wine & Red Wine of Show and awarded its medal.